Series 1: Witness The Transformation

Hosted by the founder and creator of Lucid Thrive™ Lee Groombridge, the Lucid Thrive Podcast aims to start you on a journey of a never-before-seen showcase of the exclusive and truly immersive alliance of like-minded people who are looking to co-elevate each other leveraging world class psychology coaching.

Series 1: With Lee Groombridge & Charlie Penwarden

The Podcast Introduction

Episode 1:
The Real Value in Defining Values.

Meet Charlie for the first time and join us at the start of his journey through the Lucid Thrive Plan.

Episode 2:
Uncover Unconscious Behaviours.

In this episode you discover how you can gain self-awareness of your own behaviour.

Episode 3:
Creating A Value-Aligned Vision.

In this episode you get a run through of the exercise that builds your 3 Year Vision giving you clear direction.

Episode 4: Master Mindset

Episode 5: The Plan

Episode 6: The Playbook

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