Series 1: Witness The Transformation
with Lee Groombridge & Charlie Penwarden
Episode 1: The Real Value in Defining Values

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Welcome to episode 1 of the Lucid Thrive Podcast!

This podcast and Lucid Thrive™ is for you, the ambitious, self-driven, intelligent thinker. Despite your inner drive if you are feeling the pressures of being constantly busy with a poor work-life balance, want to change and yet don't know how, then you are in the right place.

My name is Lee Groombridge, I'm the host and creator of the Lucid Thrive Plan™, the flagship coaching programme that guides you through 9 strategies, coaching tools and principles that underpin the Lucid Thrive™ community.

In the first episode of the debut series called 'Witness The Transformation' you are introduced to Charlie Penwarden, a mental health professional turned digital growth consultant and business owner, where he shares his experience working-through the 90-day coaching programme.

In this episode of The Lucid Thrive Podcast, you will;

  • Learn about why Lucid Thrive was created. 
  • Find out why Charlie felt this programme was the right for him as a business owner.
  • Be guided through Charlie's experience of the first coaching session and exercises that enabled him to learn about the root cause of his feeling of overwhelm. 

The topics covered include;

  • How you can understand where you spend your time physically and mentally.
  • How you can work out what aspect of life is causing your personal conflict.
  • How to find out what is driving your current behaviours.

Whilst it is Charlie’s journey featured on this particular podcast, there is a free worksheet for you to download that accompanies this episode, so that you can experience part of the Lucid Thrive Plan™ for yourself.

We would love for you to join us at the start of this transformation journey...

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