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If you want change in your life and yet you are currently stuck or confused not know where to start. If you are struggling to find a relevant peer group to give you clarity of direction or the push you need to be motivated to move forward, this book shares the Lucid Thrive™ 9 help you.

Inside you are presented with the Lucid Thrive Plan™ coaching programme which you can work through and self-implement at your own pace. Packed with exclusive tools and methodology inspired by business leadership, the traditional wisdom of Stoicism, Buddhism and Toltec, as well as the more contemporary neuroscience of Humanistic Psychology coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

We invite you now to take the leap into a new way of thinking and living your life.

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As you work through the Lucid Thrive Plan™ you will experience these transformational strategies...

Values & Beliefs

Go from Single Context Conflict to multiple Context Clarity.


Go from unconscious habits to resourceful self-awareness.

Value Vision

Go from no clear direction to a 3 Year Vision and direction.

Master Mindset

Go from negative self-talk to positive personal principles.

Peak Performance

Go from negative limiting beliefs to complete confidence.

Vision Scoreboard

Go from undefined success to well-formed outcome.

Vision Plan

Go from a fictional dream to a reverse engineered plan.

Personal Playbooks

Go from procrastination to an achievable action plan.

Unstoppable Progress

Go from issues and roadblocks to solutions and accountability. 

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