A better work-life balance 

and achieve even more.

✅  Get clear on what you really want. 
✅  Master your mindset & emotions.
✅  Reverse-engineer personal success.

The Values Belief Builder™
Discover what is really driving your behaviour and habits!

Welcome to Lucid Thrive™. A truly like-minded peer group of ambitious people who ultimately want to achieve even more in their personal and professional life.

In November 2021 the Lucid Thrive Plan™ launched, the flagship programme containing strategies, coaching tools and the principles that underpin the Lucid Thrive™ community, pushing its members towards what they want to achieve.

Founder and creator Lee Groombridge turned his attention to professional psychology and business coaching following a decade of running and leading multiple businesses. His experiences and knowledge gave him the inspiration, motivation and ability to create this high-end transformational coaching led mastermind experience.

New to Lucid Thrive?
Is this for you?

Good question! Are you an ambitious business owner and deep down you know you can be achieving even more in all aspects of your personal and professional life and yet you are struggling to find a relevant community that can help push, elevate and support you? If so, Lucid Thrive™ has been designed specifically for you!

What is the Lucid Thrive Plan?

It's a transformational coaching programme for time-poor ambitious people who want and need change to live a happier more fulfilled life. It fundamentally consists of 3 core pillars...


Remove Frustration & Gain Clarity.

With new found self-awareness, build a personal value-aligned vision.


Overcome Overwhelm & Build Prosperity.

Master your mindset for peak performance and accelerating your growth.


Stop Reacting & Create Proactive Longevity.

Guaranteed personal fulfilment by reverse engineering your success.

Working through the 3 pillars you will be guided through these 9 strategies...

The 9 Lucid Thrive Plan Strategies

You're invited to take the leap into a new way of thinking that you can immediately implement!

  Strategy 1.

Values & Beliefs

Go from conflict in life to clarity on what drive your motivation.

 Strategy 2.


Go from unhelpful habits to self-awareness and control.

 Strategy 3.

Values Vision

Go from having no clear direction to a personalised 3-year vision.

 Strategy 4.

Master Mindset

Go from having negative self-talk to personal guiding principles.

 Strategy 5.

Peak Performance

Go from limiting beliefs to unshakeable confidence.

 Strategy 6.

Vision Scoreboard

Go from undefined success to goals with well-formed outcomes.

 Strategy 7.

Vision Plan

Go from a distant dream to a reverse-engineered success plan.

 Strategy 8.

Personal Playbook

Go from procrastination to motivation and action.

 Strategy 9.

Unstoppable Progress

Go from issues and roadblocks to solutions & accountability.

4 Ways You Can Experience Lucid Thrive™

Get The Book & Workbook

Self-implement at your own pace with the practical transformation coaching workbook that presents the Lucid Thrive Plan™ programme. 

Start the 90 Day Implementation Programme

A fast-paced 90 days programme where you will be guided through implementing the model and 9 strategies with our close support.

Complete the Full Lucid Thrive™ Programme

A coaching led, high-performance mastermind experience for ambitious individuals building remarkable personal and professional lives.

Join the Lucid Thrive™ Alliance

An exclusive curated co-elevating community of truly like-minded business owners that have a long term commitment to Lucid Thrive™ .

The Lucid. Thrive. Podcast.

Check out Series 1 'Witness the Transformation'.

Workshop Experience

The fastest way to get to know us and experience Lucid Thrive™ in person with peers like you.

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